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Recently Woven Egyptian Tulu Rug - 6'5" x 9'4"

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SKU 120480

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Recently Woven Egyptian Tulu Rug. Hand woven in an Ikat design with wool on cotton foundation in the Nile delta region of Egypt.

Size: 6'5" x 9'4" Origin: Egyptian Circa: Recently Woven

Tulu, loosely translates into "Hairy", are hand knotted with lustrous and soft Angora hair on wool handwoven kilims. Nomadic tribes making their way through central Asia used Tulus as blankets to keep warm during the winter freeze on the high plains of the Anatolian plateau, and as mattresses to provide warmth and comfort. Today, with their saturated colors and bold geometric designs, these tribal works of art have become a must have as an accent piece in a contemporary setting.

120480 / EG-TULU